Create rich, intimate art experiences

Preview deepens the relationship between your collectors and your program.

Preview is the closest we get to replicating the gallery experience and it is a tool we look forward to using more
Poppy Sebire, Simon Lee Gallery

Enjoyable as art should be

Make a bigger impression with hand-picked curations for individual collectors, or splashy events your collectors can join as a group. Every interaction through Preview is a touchpoint to engage your most valued collectors, and you can activate all the curators and institutions you know.

Let Preview activate your collectors

Converts sales

On average, 23% of artworks sell from in a 30 minute session on Preview.

Geographical game-changer

Personal and group interactions keep your global collectors fully immersed in your program.

Expand your collector base

Qualified new collectors / patrons can discover and follow your program.

Low input, maximum impact

Our creators tool makes it easy for your team to adopt Preview into their workflow.

Our whole approach has changed. Preview is now the focal point of our communication with collectors.
Cecilia Brunson,
Cecilia Brunson Projects