Inspire your audience

Captivating art masterclasses delivered for partners

Our preview events are the most anticipated part of our monthly schedule. The patrons love it and we do too.
Alessio Antoniolli, Director, Gasworks London

Exclusive access and knowledge

Offer art masterclasses to clients, patrons, or employees that open a door into the art world.

Our invite-only service brings the thrill of a personal tour with the best experts in the field.

Create an impact

Accessible and inspiring

Clear-spoken art appreciation for clients, sponsors, or trustees.

Behind-the-scenes insights

Insider experiences delivered by the top names in the world.

Global art delivered locally

An interactive dive into the world of art without the burden of travel.

Activate your masterclass

Decide themes

Design-your-own programming or let Preview guide you and your audience goals.

Choose your experts

Pick from an exceptional panel of curators or work with your own talent.

Launch your program

A series of live sessions delivered privately to your audience.

Analyse impact

Reports and engagement to establish impact and value of the program.

The partnership with Preview has been amazing. We are currently exploring our patron's own collections through Artcasts, which is something exciting and new for us all.
Juliana Sá, Director of Institutional Relations,
MASP, São Paulo